OKEx: Re-Shaping Advanced Cryptocurrency Solutions

21st Century has witnessed a phenomenal paradigm shift in the global economic landscape. The modern economy is inevitably moving towards a digital ecosystem, interconnected in an unprecedented way. At heart, of this digital ecosystem is cryptocurrencies, a powerful blockchain-enabled democratizing force that can increase inclusion and allow fast transactions without any intermediary involved, even in the most impoverished regions of the world. Everyone, from enterprising millennials to major financial investors around the world are eager to trade in this rapidly-growing space, and the need for a cryptocurrency platform is imperative to meet the demand for infrastructure to support the exchange of digital currencies. One such world-leading digital asset exchange is OKEx, a Malta-based company, providing advanced financial services to traders globally by using blockchain technology.

OKEx was founded globally in the year 2017 with a promise to serve traders across the globe. Being an expert player in the industry, OKEx offers the broadest range of trading products in the global market to millions of customers with massive coverage of spot trading, margin trading, fiat-to-token trading, and several other crypto derivatives. Adding on the expertise of the company, OKEx has a diverse array of cryptocurrencies on offer with a genuine and sophisticated touch of the risk management system to help users handle all trades with security to avoid threats.

The company is highly committed to providing a resourceful, user-friendly, and compliant platform to trade, helping blockchain projects connect with the markets, and traders, and miners, and institutional investors optimize their investment strategies.

A Pioneer in the Cryptocurrency Industry

OKEx generally offers spot, future, and perpetual swap trading. The company is taking pride in being a pioneer in many aspects, including trading products and development and a significant contribution towards polishing it as a blockchain-driven economy. OKEx stands first in the industry to combine a cryptocurrencies marketplace, blockchain project launch platform, research, and technology development.

OKEx recently launched Futures & Perpetual Swap Market Data,the first-of-its-kind big data platform in the industry. This flagship platform provides accurate, unbiased trading data to helpcustomers develop their own trading strategies. OK PiggyBank is another OKEx’s value-added product that enables users to share OKEx’s income from margin loans.

OKEx is one of the first exchanges to offer crypto futures trading to the market, and the platform is designed in such a way that allows every individual user to enter trade spot and derivatives doors.

Leader Behind Shaping OKEx

Andy Cheung, Head of Operations at OKEx has a dynamic personality with strategic mindset and global leadership experience in the Internet, Digital, eCommerce and Blockchain industry across Asia Pacific, with MNC experiences such as RR Donnelley Financials and Pacific Century CyberWorks, as well as tech companies such as Huawei Technologies, Alibaba Group and Groupon Inc.. Andy possesses well-rounded skills in P&L management, sales & marketing, operations, and people management with an impressive experience in transforming businesses and delivering high performance and results.

“The current blockchain industry is fast-growing, and we genuinely believe that cryptocurrency is the future. We are continuing our efforts to push forward critical changes to our platform and build a healthier and sustainable ecosystem that would help lead to long-term growth.”

OKEx’s Success Mantra

OKEx’s exchange is not only geared towards institutions or full-time traders but also better suited to less experienced traders and retail investors. The company is a one-stop trading platform supporting fiat-to-crypto (C2C), crypto-to-crypto (spot), and derivatives (futures & perpetual swaps) trading.
Other than offering a wide array of digital asset trading services to the users, they embrace partnership innovation and collaborations through their initial in-house exchange offering (IEO) platform, called OKEx Jumpstart. It incubates high potential projects and supports early entrepreneurs by offering reliable utility token sales to the global user base. The IEO model is an ideal method for high-quality projects and early entrepreneurs to kick-start. All projects launched on OKEx Jumpstart gets listed on their spot market, and those with outstanding performance will even stand a chance to be listed on their C2C and derivatives markets.

OKEx value engagement with their communities, project teams, and investors worldwide convene leaders on a range of strategic blockchain-related issues through organizing rounds of OKEx TALKS.

The Road to Success is paved with Teamwork

The entire staff is proud to see what OKEx has achieved so far. In only two years’ time, they have launched OKEx’s global utility token, OKB, with a total supply of one billion tokens; OKEx Perpetual Swap along with a new risk management system; OKNodes, that aims to build a global blockchain ecosystem by supporting aspiring teams to set up their world-class crypto exchanges; and of course, the token sales platform, OKEx Jumpstart.

“The process of launching OKEx JumpStart to the world was not enough. The company had to maintain its strict review system and confront with compliance requirements at the same time. They had to screen every project thoroughly to ensure the entrepreneurs that they find are of the highest level in the industry. On the other hand, their legal team spent enormous efforts to find out the policy guidance document that matched the financial compliance requirements, so that the national regulatory authorities can be more assured. Now, we are all thrilled to see the fruitful outcomes of many OKEx Jumpstart projects.”

Team OKEx is all firm believers in the blockchain. The senior management team foresees that the technology will eliminate transaction barriers, elevate efficiency, and eventually make a substantial impact on the global economy.

Roadmap for the Future

There are quite a lot of happenings in the coming future, including the imminent launch of decentralized exchange platform OKDEX upon OKChain, and a new trading platform OKMSX for security tokens trading, which will be launched early next year with the Malta Stock Exchange.

OKEx is working on to roll out their lending product as well as options market, OKExOption, which aims to help users maximize the use of funds. Moreover, of course, with their new base in Malta, they are dedicated to establishing a global presence, including EMEA and LATAM regions.

“IT’S OK TO BE DARING. It may seem intimidating for someone entirely new to this industry as there are lots of happenings and changes, but we have to be bold enough to accept and learn so that we can ride on this exciting wave of blockchain.”

Quote 1: Security, Innovation, and Reliability are the three pillars of OKEx.

Quote2: Transforming the world with blockchain is not only our promise; it is our responsibility.

Quote3: Shaping the business of the future with Blockchain Technology

Quote about Andy Cheung: Supercharging Digitial Transformation via Blockchain Technology