COVID-19 Is An Alarm for Brazilian Universities To Gain Their Rights

The outbreak of COVID-19 has deplored various loopholes in the systems created by human societies in different regions. Similarly, the Brazilian population is facing different sorts of concerns regarding their lives. Meanwhile, the educational institutions, mainly universities, are facing discrimination regarding financial pulse.

After the new regime of Bolsonaro, the funding in the public universities has been cut up to a great extent. The new federal government is planning to give more space to the private universities. The notion of ‘south’ as a derogatory term pushed on by colonialism/modernization is mainly responsible for this negligence.

On the contrary, the public universities of Brazil are playing a very productive and sincere role in this fight against COVID-19. This outbreak may give the Bolsonaro government to look into the fact regarding the management, administration, and funding of these universities. Private institutions are not contributing up to the expectation. So, it is a good chance for public universities as well, to shoot out a claim for having more preferences than their private counterparts.