End of ‘One Country Two Systems’? New Security Law to Impact Hong Kong’s Education

There ain’t any questions that Hong Kong is the hub for some of the best universities in the world. Its free atmosphere and detachment from the Chinese mainland, ideally, attracts hundreds of students across the world.

Recently, the new security law which has been introduced by the Chinese government seems to move the old structure. The public universities of Hong Kong are facing a crisis in it. Before the law was implemented many students from mainland China used to put the US, Europe, Hong Kong, and Singapore for higher education in their list. The new law may discourage the students further to go to Hong Kong as it comes under the same law as the other universities. Though the impact is still unclear but the academic circle of Hong Kong is sensing a stone in the cake. They are afraid of the Chinese policy of scrutinizing everything which consequently will harm both the aspect and prospect of liberal studies.

Hong Kong’s ‘one nation two systems’ policy has served it with internationalism, openness, and cosmopolitanism. Experts are doubtful about the new policy’s effect on this wide and broad shoulder of fraternity in Hong Kong.