Israel Collaborating with India to Make Air Taxis

Like many other countries, Israel too is looking forward to work with India. Israel based Urban Aeronautics is developing flying cars called CityHawk. Rightly you have read. Those fascinating scenes from Star Wars are not way behind. CityHawk is run by hydrogen fuels. It’s in the initial stage of trials and right now it can take up to 100 kg. This 6 seater vehicle has a compact footprint and no rotor wings. Its compactness is its uniqueness. 

Regarding the cars, it will be like the Uber vehicles which you see in the streets now. “We are looking for $40 million, possibly in tranches and maybe not all at once. The amount of money will take us to full-scale development at the beginning of the manufacturing of the unmanned vehicle,” said Janina Frankel-Yoeli, the vice-president of marketing at Urban Aeronautics. The UA is looking forward eagerly to work with India regarding manufacturing. 

Indian industrial mammoth TATA house is one of the investors here. Besides, the inventor and designer of Urban Aeronautics, Rafi Yoeli has shown interest to work with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. He also added that the aircraft makers in India can be the strategic partners as well. We look forward to furthering developments regarding the ‘flying car’.