Lori Greiner: The Journey of an Entrepreneur to a TV Star

“You can make anything happen if you put your mind to it”, quoted by the lady herself, Lori Greiner is an inventor, entrepreneur, and a famous TV personality. She was born on 9th December 1969 and spent the early part of her life in Chicago. She studied at Loyola University, Chicago, majored in Communication, and also focussed on journalism. After graduation, she created and patented plastic jewelry called Jewelry Box to begin her career.

Ms. Greiner got her first break when her jewelry line caught the eye of J.C. Penney, businessman, and founder of J.C. Penney stores. Slowly as her business started to expand, she got a debut role in the TV series, Shark Tank and Beyond Shark Tank subsequently, making her quite popular among the masses. For the show, the lady has bagged the Emmy Award 4 times as well as the Critic’s Choice award five times. Lori invested in an up-and-coming company called Scrub Daddy in the household industry which reaped a lot of benefits and capital for her. After getting success in her sponge endeavor, she went on to invest in new startups such as Squatty Potty, Hold Your Haunches, Readerrest, Paint Brush Cover.

In 2014, she also published a book, “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It – Make Your Million Dollar Idea Into Reality”, narrating her entrepreneurial journey and how she turned her life around. The book got a lot of critical acclaims, further strengthening her position as a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. Lori Greiner has been happily married to Dan Greiner since 2010.