Mature Entrepreneurs Know When to Say Goodbye!

If you are a fan of cricket, you will know that most of the cricketers take retirement during their top form. Now, behind these, there are two main reasons. One, they don’t want to be the cause of the team’s loss and two; they want a mental satisfaction that they are not leaving the platform just because they cannot play well anymore. A similar case goes with the best entrepreneurs in the world, as well.

If you carefully observe their work pattern, it gets easier for you to understand the formula of success. Look at the Tata. Ratan Tata stepped down from the CEO post when Tata, as a company, achieved the highest level of honor in his era. Very recently, LinkedIn CEO, too, took the same step for his ‘next play’. During his time, LinkedIn hit the biggest success till now.

When your work is at the highest success rate, and you are aging reasonably well, that is the first sign of signing off. Because of that position, it is easier for another person to run the relay. It will be harder for your successor to run a company with greater difficulties. Maturity does not lie in holding up the position for long. On the contrary, it lies in how to handle the position with the most significant outcome and trust.

A mature entrepreneur knows the myriad of control, and he or she does not control anyone. One does his or her part as the leader. One true entrepreneur does not only hold back his benefit at the end of the day; on the contrary, he or she thinks about the wholesome development of the company. That is why his or her goodbye does not become a relieved one for the employee on the contrary; they miss that person who took care of their little and big wishes. Maturity speaks for respect.