Newest Technology Impacting the Security Trends

Emerging technologies are already impacting, but we tend to live and work. They are additionally ever-changing; however, we tend to approach, plan, and integrate security operations. With the arrival of AI, robotics, quantum computing, the web of Things, increased reality, materials science, 3D printing, and knowledge analytics, the safety business is being reworked.

Indeed, we tend to reside in associate degree era wherever innovation, lightsomeness, and imagination are all essential to stay pace with the exponential technological transformation going down. For security, each physical and cyber, the equation is that the same catalyzing several new potential applications for rising technologies.

Some of the applied verticals in the Office of Homeland Security wherever we tend to see in-person rising technologies are creating as may include:

– Counteract of terrorism and enforcement information science via prophetic analytics and AI

– Real-time horizon scanning and data processing for threats and knowledge sharing

– Automated cybersecurity and data assurance

– Enhanced police work (chemical and bio-detection sensors, cameras, drones, automatic face recognition, vehicle plate readers)

– Simulation and increased reality technologies for coaching and modeling

– New non-lethal techniques such as acoustics systems, chemical markers, communications systems, trap systems, optical devices, non-penetrating projectiles and munitions

– Safety and security instrumentality (including bullet and bomb proof) created with lighter and stronger materials

– Advanced forensics enabled by increased computing capabilities (including future quantum computing)

– Interoperable communications, shortly to be bolstered by 5G for 1st Responders

– Situational awareness capabilities via GPS for disaster response and crisis response situations

– Biometrics: assured identity security screening solutions by bio-signature: (every side of your physiology will be used as a biosignature. live distinctive heart/pulse rates, graphical record detector, blood oximetry, skin temperature)

– Robotic Policing (already happening in Dubai!)