Saudi to Introduce ‘New System’ In Education To Give It More Independence

Recently the Minister of Education of Saudi Arabia Dr. Hamad Ali Seikh has made an announcement regarding the ‘upcoming new university system’ in three prestigious universities of Saudi Arabia. Those are King Saud University or KSU, King Abdulaziz University, or KAU and Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University or IAU.

A new system means an introduction to the new morale regarding higher education. This aims to propagate a sense of more independence in the system. Universities will be less influenced by the government both administratively and financially.

Currently, the Saudi Government uses 0.8% of the total budget of education in research and development. The government is trying to raise it up to 2%. It is clear from the picture that the government is trying to cut the spending on R&D but we are still unsure about the amount. However, only the dependence on the students’ fees both domestic and international will not be sufficient for the universities. Based on the calculation, for instance at King Saudi University, it stands only 10% of the current budgetary allocation. It is indeed a matter of doubt how the new system implemented. Only the future will tell us its impacts.