Startup founders get off the treadmill

To be a successful entrepreneur, it is really important to take the morning seriously. Daily exercise or workouts can make your mind fresh and recharge your mind with innovative thoughts. 

Preet Singh, Co-founder of Societe Naturelle, who runs an organic honey brand, is regular with her routine workout. Due to the pandemic, she runs at odd hours following the government rules. Also, she has reduced her running time to about three times a week.

Rahul Verma, Director of Isar Technical Support and Services, has also resumed his running schedule after performing a run on his terrace for two months. Though still, he is avoiding parks since jogging tracks have limited width and can come into contact with people. 

Subhash Jangid, Director of Bone and Joint Institute, Fortis Memorial Research Institute believes that it is not a compulsion to run wearing a mask unless you are 6ft distanced from any other person. It is better to avoid using gym equipment in the park, and more apply doing ground exercises.