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The 10 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2020

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Mark J. Barrenechea : A Technology Pioneer Committed to Excellence

Leadership is about making things happen. It is about inspiring, influencing, and making an impact. Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO of OpenText, is a prime example of a leader who embodies these traits. He leads OpenText with passion and conviction, and his vision has driven this Canadian tech companyone of Canada’s largestto new heights.

Inspiring CEOs of 2020


Andy Cheung: Powering Better Business Solution

Intellectual stimulation is one of the leadership qualities that outline transformational leadership. Followers have to be inspired to specific their creativeness. Effective leaders provide new challenges with ample support to attain their goals. To foster creativity is to offer challenges to cluster members, ensuring that the goals are at intervals the grasp of their talents. This leads to induce individuals to stretch their limits but not become discouraged by barriers to success. One such personality Andy Cheung, COO of OKEx has a similar mindset to dare and overcome the challenges to get better in her profession.


Alicia Asin: Generating Workforce for Betterment of Company Growth

The only important thing for a true leader is to own a solid team specialized in each area of management of the company. Only by surrounding yourself with the skilled minds can delegate and have faith on business decisions. Then every action takes you in the right direction. It is also very important to teach flexibility by example. Only flexible organisations can survive. And flexibility is achieved through practice: knowing how to adapt to each new situation and reformulating decisions taken previously if the results are not as expected.


Chad Burmeister : A visionary to take the industry to new heights

Learning a set of skills is worthless when no moves can be seen in the routine. Similarly, a plan is just a word of inspiration, until a precise action is not taken to show it as a booster. However, a brand new venture has got to undergo a different challenge, undulating moments, and enlightening failures. One who learns from those dilemmas and moves ahead ultimately climbs the ladder of success. One such personality named Chad Burmeister, CEO of ScaleX has a successful career in building high-velocity sales teams at leading companies in the global market including Cisco-WebEx, ON24, Riverbed Technology, ConnectAndSell, and RingCentral.


Ellen Voie : Empowering Women to Enter the Industry

Ellen Voie, CEO of Women In Trucking Association, Inc., was one of the lucky personalities whose mother allowed her to do anything she wanted, and there were no “girl” careers. Ellen’s mother encouraged her when she took a shop class instead of home economics. Ellen learned woodworking, welding, drafting, and auto mechanics.


Janiv Ratson: Translating Vision into Reality

From a very young age, Janiv Ratson, CEO of Axonize, always desire to settle on the position of a lead role in the organizations. Being a leader excites him to help the team and provide them productive guidance, suggest new ideas, and learn the process of successfully implementing it trying different methods. 


Marc Rippen : Revolutionizing the face of healthcare through technology

Becoming a leader, at least a successful one, is a long and continuously evolving process that requires you to learn not only about yourself but about those around you. Marc Rippen, CEO of Alertgy Inc., believes that in order to foster a prosperous environment for those following your lead, it is crucial to understand the tools they need to be effective in completing the tasks you have laid out before them. The first step in becoming a leader is having a strong communication network with everyone involved. Here at Alertgy Inc., team communication is one of the main reasons the company has been able to reach so many goals set out before competitors. 


Nancy Zeffman : A Professional Approach to the Clothing Industry

The idea for Cucumber Clothing was born on a hot holiday when Nancy Zeffman and co-founder Eileen Willett were with a group of like minded forty to fifty year old women. So many of the conversations were dominated by the topic of getting hot, disturbed sleep and the severe knock-on effects these could have on day to day lives. When the duo returned homethey did some research and were astonished to find that the only garments on offer either looked ‘medical’ or were deemed seriously dowdy. They decided there and then to create a brand that took the latest cutting edge fabric tech and married it to gorgeous design that helped solve a problem.

Leader's Viewpoint


The Best Way to Spend Cryptocurrency

In recent years, much of the conversation surrounding cryptocurrency has been centered around its investment potential. The dominant narratives focused on alternative forms of crowdfunding (initial coin offerings or “ICOs”), often to support fantastical new technologies that promised to revolutionize everything from voting in national elections to global supply chains, and Bitcoin as a “store of value” akin to digital gold. These two narratives explain why many people, from retail investors to venture capitalists, buy and hold (or “HODL”) cryptocurrencies 


5 Flourishing Industries for Passionate, Millennial Entrepreneurs

The fundamental approach of most millennials is to take the jobs as opportunities to learn and
earn experience in working. As corporations contend on the market talent, employers merely
cannot ignore the wants, desires, and attitudes of this vast generation. Like every generation that
preceded it, Millennials have returned to be outlined by a group of characteristics modern
principally by the globe and culture they grew up in.


The Power of Social Media Marketing in 2025

Social media might be slightly older than two decades, with the first social networking platform, Six Degrees, being uneventfully introduced in 1997. However, it’s evolved tremendouslyin a short time – changing the marketing landscape for decades to come. From Six Degrees in the late 90s, to Myspace, Twitter, and LinkedIn coming onto the scene in the early 2000s and TikTok bopping its way into popularity today, countless social platforms with countless offerings have emerged and become obsolete all within the past two decades alone. Thereare countless social platforms out there, and an endless number of ways brands are using those platforms. 

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Proven Ways to Become a Millionaire by Age 30

When it comes to any challenge, all you need to think is overcoming it and not getting away from it in the middle of the race. Marking up the title of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30 may seem like an impossible goal, but this is what can excite you to chase what is determined. In this case, all you need to be extremely active and careful with your smart decision about how this can be achieved? Precisely what are those smart financial decisions that can make you reach closure to the goal? 


The two Phases of Entrepreneurship

Did you ever notice what an Entrepreneur is called for? It has similarly believed as an artist. As an artist is compassionate about the ideas, can shape its creativity depending upon individual art of thinking, developing ideas, and building a power back product, an Entrepreneur also does the same. An entrepreneur’s mind thinks the way artists do. Taking forward the idea and developing a product is not an easy task, but the process of taking efforts, witnessing failures, and hoping for a succession tremendously excites an entrepreneur to keep moving ahead of goals. 

Is Hot Tea Prone to Esophageal Cancer? Studies Say YES!

In the year 2019, the American Cancer center discovered that by the end of this year, approximately 16,000 people would die because of esophageal cancer, which they have caused themselves by drinking extremely hot beverages. The esophagus, commonly known as the food pipe, is that long hollow tube connecting the throat to the stomach. Several factors are responsible for cancer in the esophagus. One of the significant factors is the daily drinking of hot tea. But at the same time, another study says that only those people who smoke regularly and have two units of alcohol on a daily basis are prone to get this cancer. Others are not in the risk zone, regardless of the ‘hotness’ of their tea. 

Language Shapes Our Brains and Lives : It shapes us, or we shape it?

Do we shape our languages, or our language shapes us?! It is one of the biggest queries of human existence. Philosophers have pondered upon this curious relationship between the subject and its language since time immemorial. The study of linguistics emerged as a profound discipline only to decipher this mystery. Thanks to academicians and philosophers that they have sorted out how it works. During the inception of languages, people created it with their natural flow. Now those languages shape our lives quite fluently. When Structuralism emerged as a poignant philosophy during the late nineteenth century, Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure propagated the idea of semiotics.