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The 20 Most Influential Women in Business

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Sophia Amoruso Success Affairs

Sophia Christina Amoruso: The ‘bad’ girl who has empowered her race with opportunities

You might have heard the famous dialogue from the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’: “You may not have a good beginning, but you can have a good ending.” Sophia’s life is an exclusive example of that. Born in 1984, Sophia had a quite depressed childhood in the early days. She had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). She was schooled in San Diego. After her parents’ divorce, she moved on to Sacramento. Here she had a nomadic lifestyle.

Marloes Knippenberg Interview with Success Affairs (1)

Marloes Knippenberg: An Innovative Mindset who Create Marks in the Hospitality Sector

In an interview with Success Affairs, Marloes Knippenberg, The Chief Executive Officer of Kerten Hospitality, has an innovative mindset that has established the organization as a disruptive, dynamic international hospitality group dedicated to the management of mixed-use developments in key global destinations.

Carol Mao Success Affairs

Carol Mao: A Principled Entrepreneur with a Strong Inner Drive to Achieve Success

Being a successful entrepreneur means having the right attitude towards business, start new ventures every other day, and grit to achieve success. Carol Mao is one such successful & dedicated entrepreneur with extensive experience in the capital industry.

Marina Tognetti Success Affairs

Marina Tognetti: Polishing Skills in Providing Digital Language Training Program

When a successful woman entrepreneur walks down in the market, people are always keen to hear the story and take inspiration from a great mind. How would she have conquered? What would have been her inspiration? And so on. Every successful woman has her secret key and ingredients to reach the goal she dreamt of. Being an entrepreneur is looking forward to connecting with and learns from the world and other businesses.

Martina Klingvall Success affairs (1)

Martina Klingvall: A Value-Driven Entrepreneur Challenging Digital Opportunities

Not believing in failure and just being passionate about the way of working is the primary step to reach towards the desired goal. Since women stepped into entrepreneurship, their role in society has seen a paradigm shift. Today, several women can be seen moving out of their comfort zone and showing the world what they are capable of. Martina Klingvall is one such well-known personality from the Sweden telecom industry.

Coral Movasseli Success Affairs

Coral Mosavelli: A Passionate Leader Making an Impact in the World

Coral Movaselli is a dynamic leader in the empowerment space who believes that every girl’s and every women’s voice must be heard if they are contributing fully to the world. She thinks that women must be taught to express themselves to build their charisma articulately. This will help the women to claim a more active role in their society.

Mika Ann Success Affairs

Mika Ann Stambaugh: A Journalist by Heart and a Self-Motivated Entrepreneur by Choice

Communication is said to be a woman’s strongest skill, and the female leaders know well how to use it. Whether it is communicating with associates, co-workers, or businesses, an open communication stream allows for precision in undertaking roles and responsibilities. Women have the skill to communicate openly, regularly, and clearly.


The Power of Social Media Marketing in 2025

Social media might be slightly older than two decades, with the first social networking platform, Six Degrees, being uneventfully introduced in 1997. However, it’s evolved tremendouslyin a short time – changing the marketing landscape for decades to come.


5 Design Tips That Help Your Home Stand the Test of Time

One of the biggest concerns my clients have when we set out to design their home or hotel is whether or not the look we settle on will last in the long haul. Whether it’s due to a dying trend (think floral-print couches) or a living nightmare (think carpeted bathrooms), no one wants to redecorate every few years.

CORONAVIRUS: Don’t panic! Here’s all you need to know

Currently, we are going through a situation that will be there in our memory as long as we take a breath on this planet. Pandemic disease COVID-19 has put human beings on a standstill for the last few months.


As humans lockdown themselves, earth smiles again.

Coronavirus lockdown has shown us a greater reality of our lifestyle and made us rethink it again and again. Due to the lack of tourists in particular places, nature has started to smile again as it used to, once when we had a pastoral lifestyle.


10 Productive Things Which Can Make Your Quarantine Phrase Exciting One

The whole world is at its stake now. Literally the human race has detained itself completely for unlimited time to fight against a dangerous virus called corona. Some of the biggest economies are going through a massive hardship.


10 Mistakes That Keep Women Entrepreneurs from Reaching $1 Million

In 2018, only 1.7 percent of ladies possessed organizations created more than $1 million in revenue, and the difficulties are much more prominent for ladies of shading business visionaries. How can it be that even though ladies claim 40 percent of all businesses in the U.S.