The US to Mix Online and In-Person Teaching in Universities

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, our old institutions and systems are facing massive problems and concerns. The constant rise in the number of cases around the world is resulting in bigger frowns in our faces.

Meanwhile, the US government has decided to re-open the universities with a new model of education. The current situation will not allow international students to enter the US. Even virtual classes for those are becoming problematic. To solve this issue, various universities have decided to start online classes which will cover all, though the implication and impact are unknown yet.

Only 5% of the universities have nodded for in-person teaching. Most of those students should be within the campus, mainly hostellers. Those students who cannot enroll themselves in the winter semester, are given options to shift in the spring semester. It has been noted that the international students’ application number has been dropped by nearly 40%. Experts are hoping that the new policy will be able to drag up the graph a bit. The future will tell us the rest.