With the Increase of Pandemic Mask Becoming Style Statement

As facemasks are becoming essential, a tinge of sophisticated touches is being seen with it. Soon there will be a time when you shall include it in your fashionable wardrobes. 

Various designs are being introduced from all around the world. Not only Home sewers but also the large fashion brands are into the business now. Collina Strada is selling printed marks which are worth the amount of $100. Proenza Schouler, another luxury brand, is using silk-viscose blend satin and nylon-cotton gingham print. A report says that most of the luxury companies have a limited number of mask production, and they are trying to sell or donate them for the sake of humanity as for now. But soon this industry is going to flourish to its best. Not only the women’s luxury brands but men’s too are also in the race. Mask designed by Louise Vuitton, names Offwhite, is being trended as the hottest me’s product. 

Mask is gaining its popularity in the categories like sneaker and streetwear in the resale marketplace called StockX. They have already sold 200 pieces of Offwhite masks. That day is not marked enough when fashion designing will adopt mask making as one of the most profit-making jobs.